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Security Consultation

Cyber criminals have one clear motivation – to steal your sensitive information or disrupt your business. At HTI, we embrace a hackers mindset to provide a rigorous and realistic assessment of your security posture, before you get hacked.

Take the hard work out of managing your security with HTI


Security Check Up

Want to know which part of your network is vulnerable? Our Security Check Up tests your network just like a hacker would. Don’t wait until you it’s too late…be cyber savvy and get a security audit on your network today.


Security Culture As A Service

Do you empower your people to secure your business?

In reality, every security compromise is actually due to the human factor. To create a secure and robust security framework it’s critical that your people are empowered to make the right decisions online. HTI’s Security Culture As-A-Service will ensure your staff are in tune with how to keep your sensitive data protected.


Penetration Testing

The results of a penetration test will enable you to identify areas of weakness within your security posture and provide you with the information you need to correct them.


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