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We always try to be unique in our presentation as we know that it is the first thing that will appear on the conscious memory of a user once or ever he will think about your solution. We will create your interface in way that it will hold a lasting imprint on visitors.

Visually appealing ways to present your brand

Websites are a platform that presents a brand to a Global audience and we are here to make your presentation better than your competitors. Website Designing is an Art that needs a inquisitive mind with some technical details. It is not about just coding in HTML and CSS but it is to showcase a business in a manner through which it attracts the clients.

We at HTI CONSULTANCY having based in USA , South Africa and India always try to satisfy our clients needs but we don’t compromise on the modern standards of website designing as we try design a website in a way that it does not compromise on its presentation and interface whether it is being used on a Desktop, Laptop or Smart Phones.

Designing for all the mediums

We design all our clients’ website to behave properly on all the mediums where it is being used. We do a thorogh analysis before starting our designing process about business niche and try to create a platform which satisfy the users expectations from such type of service providers site.

Now a days when there are different types ways to access a website, you have to create a website which not only present it’s services better but should also not compromise its presentation on all the frames and platforms.

Designing for your market

A website does not only represents your brand but it is also a way to present your services like a hotel provider will always have a searching and booking option on its main page, while a corporate website will have a detailed description about inception of company on it landing page.

There are some approach to follow while designing a website. We have a dedicated team to analyse the business and they try to make a layout which should satisfy the business frame and its services.

A better navigation of website

Not only the presentation but navigation of the pages withing a website is also very important thing because this is what using which your are going to send an user to a service that you are offering. Internal linking are important factor for a website to rank higher as it also being count in on page search engine optimization.

We try to create a design to navigate a site in a way that it does not hinder the look but it present the information in a way that is most suited for a website of that nice.



We at KKD Tech Soft prefer to do analysis of your business so that we can better offer you the most relevant solution.



Before proceeding to the development we form certain strategies by keeping an eye on your business strength & its needs.